Geekiness and Nerdiness, and Other Surprises

The obligatory about page. You might have guessed, from the title, that it is both obligatory and about. Then you might have frowned, confusion crossing your face, as you noticed that about is not an adjective. In your confusion, perhaps you looked it up, only to find adverbial and prepositional definitions.

But then! A ray of hope! A glimmer of possibility! Moving around, and a similar meaning to around, namely being in existence. “Hm,” you say, “neither of those seem entirely relevant.” And indeed you would be correct, for the name of this page is related to neither of those concepts.

No, the truth is much more shocking: there’s actually a noun phrase missing between ‘About’ and ‘Page’. A bead of sweat forms on your forehead. Dr Frank-N-Furter notices you suffering from antici—

“What noun phrase has been so carelessly omitted?!” You cry out, hoping someone, anyone, will answer your pleas. Fear not, I have the answer! It seems that the single word ‘About’ has become a common shorthand for ‘About this object you are currently looking at’, or rather ‘The section this title applies to contains information about this object you are looking at’. In this context, perhaps ‘About this blog’ or ‘About this site’ is suitable. In other places it could be ‘About this film’ or ‘About this book’.

Regardless, some information about this site me, I guess:

I exist. This is a fact.

I like electronic related stuff, be it building circuits or looking at their diagrams, programming, mixing the two with Arduino, or the less related concept of playing computer games.

I also like some science and some maths. And if it wasn’t obvious from above, some language stuff. Which makes me a much more efficient grammar Nazi/pedant who can explain faults beyond “‘it’s’ is a contraction of ‘it is’, ‘its’ is the.. you know… other one.”

And SketchUp, and other 3D stuff, like game levels. Those are cool too. I suck at graphic-related stuff though, so don’t be surprised if there’s a lack of images.

Being pedantic is good too. It applies to more than just grammar: if you’re trying to make something “alien”, then dammit, you need to thoroughly research viable alternatives to everything, rather than just making it up (“Well, this planet is like earth, except plants are purple. Enough said.”). New base systems! Foreign grammar structures! Different units of measurement! The works.

But, surely there must be some things that I don’t like? Preachiness, I guess. The terms “America” and “American” used incorrectly. This is America; I shouldn’t need to point that out. Also, the USA’s habit of acting like it controls the world, be that with regard to language or units of measurement.

Losing privacy: It is, believe it or not, my own business what I get up to (unless what I get up to is potentially hazardous to myself or other people, then it concerns others. That never justifies spying on everyone.).

That’s about all I can think of. So there you go. Turns out that ‘About’ actually meant, in this context, ‘The section which this text relates to contains information that is about the person who wrote it’.


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    June 28, 2017

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