It’s long been an established scientific just a theory fact that Rhamphorhynchus was the cutest pterosaur to have ever lived. Unfortunately the general public seems largely unaware of this, responding with criticisms like “what’s a rhamphorhynchus,” “what’s a pterosaur,” or “how do I even spell that?”

Well it’s really quite simple: a pterosaur is any of an order of objectively-awesome flying reptiles from throughout the Mesozoic, and Rhamphorhynchus is the cutest. “pterosaur” is spelt “pterosaur” and “rhamphorhynchus” is spelt “rhamphorhynchus”.

Why is Rhamphorhynchus so cute? Allow me to explain:

colouration, more like speculation

Unfortunately, fossil evidence indicates that many specimens of Rhamphorhynchus did in fact die at some point, the genus ultimately becoming extinct around 148.5 million years ago.

fossil of rhamphorhynchus with visible wing membranes
Few animals can have their cuteness preserved by fossilisation too

It’s tragic that the world of the Late Jurassic has been lost, only to be replaced by this vastly inferior one populated by mammals. Hence the Rhamphorhynchus Revival Regiment: I seek to stimulate love and awareness of Rhamphorhynchus, ultimately hoping to promote efforts into its resuscitation so it can be adored by all.

You might have concerns: Is it even possible to bring 150 million-year-old fossils back to life? What if Rhamphorhynchus isn’t as cute as its fossils suggest? Is it just to bring a living Rhamphorhynchus into the mammalian world? How will this work if nobody can spell it?

The answer to all is the same: the mere possibility of reviving Rhamphorhynchus makes all concerns trivial.

fossil of fish aspidorhynchus with teeth stuck in wing of rhamphorhynchus
Aspidorhynchus is mean and horrible and deserved to die