Inktober is a yearly event where participants are encouraged to spend the month of October making an inked artwork every day. Or every week, or anything else really – it’s nothing official and there’s nothing to penalise, but the idea is to work on “positive drawing habits” and frequency is almost all of that.

Last year I was interested but didn’t have the time to dedicate; this year was going to be different. Then I almost forgot, was reminded about a week beforehand, forgot again and didn’t remember until the night of the 3rd of OcInktober.

I aimed for something every few days, and it was going well until about the last week when life caught up (as it so annoyingly tends to) and I made a firm decision to focus entirely on other matters. (Life matters are also why there’s only been any mention here halfway into November.)

The point is, this is what there is to show for it all:

“Obnoxious watermark” because somebody insisted that one was too valuable to go on the internet. I kinda disagree but there’s an attempt to protect it anyway.

Takeaways from the experience:

  • Focusing on texture alone can be quite fun or relaxing
  • I can totally make arts if I put the time in. But I don’t wanna

Anyway it was nice to whittle down the “ideas to do” list by three items. That dragon one is good enough to deserve a re-do in colour, at some point.

Hrm, 83% of depicted animals (can you find the fifth/sixth?) have wings. I wonder if there’s a connection here…