It’s happened to all of us.

(Vagueness intensifies)

You’ve walked out of the cinema, and you can’t help but think “that needed more explosions”.

Similarly, we’ve all written a PHP script and thought much the same thing. Right? …right?

Now there’s a solution.

This all-new PHP function, needsMoreExplosions(), will solve all your problems by exploding an array or string wherever it may occur.

Where is this lovely function?

GLaD you asked, here it is now:

function needsMoreExplosions($notexploded,$order,$delimeter)
            $exploded = explode($delimeter,implode($delimeter,$notexploded))
            $exploded = explode('/unique 1b35f4592ed35a24 string/',implode('/unique 1b35f4592ed35a24 string/',$notexploded));
            $exploded = implode($delimeter,explode($delimeter,$notexploded));
            $exploded = implode('e',explode('e',$notexploded));
    return $exploded;


(PHP 4, PHP 5)


array/string needsMoreExplosions (array/string $notexploded , int $order , string $delimeter)

Returns exactly what you gave it, except explodes and implodes it first.



The array or string that needs exploding.


Whether to explode then implode or implode then explode (depends on whether a string or array was passed). Set true for an array or false for a string.


What to base explosion or implosion around. Can be bypassed with false for weaker results.

Return values

Returns $notexploded by exploding and imploding it.