I have now had my third nerd cake in a row — a headcrab cake. A headcrab looks like


and is from the beyond decent game Half-life.

So, with some help from here and Garry’s Mod, some minor mishaps and a bunch of fondant, we had:

and ate it and it was delicious. I put three candles on because Half-life 3 but I doubt it’ll help. Oh well.

If you were wondering, my full list of nerd cakes is

  1. Minecraft cake
  2. Portal cake (white black forest cake)
  3. Headcrab cake

With my sister also having a Companion cube cake. We shared the MC cake too.

What next? Crowbar? ASHPD? Gravity gun? Lambda? Something not at all related (oh horror of horrors) to Half-life? I guess I’ll have to decide. At least I have a year.