Last week, I played universal paperclips. It’s quite interesting and, if you have some time to spare (because you’re not doing anything important, regardless of whether you should be), I recommend you play it.

The basic idea is that you control the actions of a superintelligent AI, and your goal is to manufacture paperclips. I say this because the game doesn’t make that at all clear.

It starts of like an idle clicker game, with you clicking “Make paperclip”, managing money and buying things to make more paperclips, but after a while it moves away from that. It has an end, too; it “only” took me a few afternoons.

I’m trying not to give too much away here, though it probably wouldn’t matter if I did. I will say I laughed at “Microlattice Shapecasting” as a method of increasing wire efficiency.

One tip: don’t increase memory over 250.