Just a few design ideas for overlapping armour plates. In each case the plates at the top of the image sit over those beneath. They all tile because why not.

Rows of tall hexagons with vertical edges on the sides
Rows of hexagons. Simple, aesthetic.
Rows of inverted chevrons
What happens if you shift every second row in the above to the side. Allows each to be ridged, and the tips could be extended into a fine point.
Hexagons arranged with long, horizontal edges, lining up in columns
Horizontal hexagons instead. Each plate is even higher above the one directly beneath it than it is the two below and to the sides. Those side ones could extend outwards to fill the gap.
Rows of sinusoidal waves, with every second row shifted to the side so the tips line up
Works nicely wrapped around a cylinder (i.e. limb), but could be split into separate plates at the bottlenecks