A new Garry’s Mod/Half-Life 2 project I’ve started (but will I finish?)

Note: I am still working on this, the parts are now uploaded to http://nestor.broadribbon.com.au/projects/

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The plan

The plan is it follows these two individuals (male01 and female02, refugee versions) going traveling along vaguely the same journey as Gordon Freeman. Not sure how rigidly or loosely, we’ll see what I end up doing.

The biggest restriction I’m setting myself is one image per map—if a particular map has multiple usable or important areas, that’s too bad. It’s the reason I skipped the playground in d1_trainstation_02, I felt the plaza was more important.

Of course that will help separate me from sticking to much to Half-life 2’s plot, as well as keep things interesting.

The plan… of how I’ll distribute these

I’ll keep everything secret until I finish a chapter (or map series, since trainstation=Point Insertion/Red Letter Day, canals=Route Kanal/Water Hazard, coast=Highway 17/Sandtraps and c17=Anticitizen One/”Follow Freeman”). Then I’ll upload everything to Steam, here and post the images. Possibly some commentary, individual commentary on images goes on their pages (by clicking them above).

I might upload them to Steam and here as I go, so you can find them if you constantly check out my screenshots; and there’ll be no way to know of them when up here.

Feedback appreciated!

Either leave a comment below, on the images by clicking on them above or find where I’ve uploaded these to Steam by looking at the description for each image.

Wish me luck!

And here I go!